Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wireless Armour?

Wireless Armour is a new start-up making clothing that utilises the protection and antibacterial properties of Silver to create clothing that blocks harmful wireless radiation. For more of our story head over to the About Us section

What is the difference between 180 and 360 ranges?

We have 2 separate ranges at Wireless Armour, the 180 and the 360.

The difference between the two ranges are that the 180 range only has our unique shielding fabric across the front half of the product. The 360 range is entirely made from our unique fabric, RadiaTex®. This is why there is a difference in price due to the differing amounts of Silver used in each product.

You can see a short video showing the differences between the ranges.

When will you be ready?

We are ready now! You can order Wireless Armour from our online store here.

What is Electromagnetic Radiation?

Electromagnetic radiation are the energy waves that come from an accelerating electrical charge. Without this radiation there would be no life in the universe as most of the energy on our planet comes from the Sun in the form of Electromagnetic waves.

There is an entire Electromagnetic spectrum which ranges from low energy Radio Waves up to the Ultra High energy Gamma rays.

From microwaves to MRI’s, the Electromagnetic Spectrum is used in nearly all aspects of life. It is a very easy and efficient way to transfer anything from information to heat. One of the most important uses of Electromagnetic radiation is the microwave section of the spectrum that powers phones and Wi-Fi.

Using this radiation allows us to transmit data at the speed of light and has allowed the human race to develop at a far greater pace. Imagine still having to use smoke signals to talk to others.

Why do you want to block Electromagnetic Radiation?

At Wireless Armour we do not want to block all Electromagnetic radiation as the world runs on this amazing phenomenon (Think of a world without Smartphones…. definitely not!).

We do however want to block this radiation from affecting the sensitive parts of our body (See our other FAQ for more info). This problem is magnified for men as our sensitive parts happen to be outside of our bodies and in the closest proximity to the biggest offenders for wireless radiation, our phones.

This is why we are kicking off with a men’s range of underwear, but we do have plans to move into the female market very soon.

What are the health problems attributed to Electromagnetic Radiation?

Due to its amazing versatility, electromagnetic radiation is used in nearly every facet of life. This has improved the ease in which we do things in and as a race we certainly couldn’t live without it.

Electromagnetic radiation has, however, been potentially implicated in a variety of illnesses and although it may not be directly responsible to all of them there is a case for its involvement.

The big one that Wireless Armour is out to counter is the shocking drop in fertility rates and sperm health in men. Since 1989 men’s sperm counts have dropped by over 1/3rd, this correlates surprisingly well with the first mobile phone widely available from 1983 and increasing from 12.4 million in 1990 to 6 billion in 2011. Whilst this correlation has not been verified there have been even more worrying studies showing a 25% drop in sperm counts after just 4 hours of Wi-Fi exposure.

At Wireless Armour we do not want to wait around whilst the government and scientific community confirm 100% whether it is harmful to our health, we would rather protect ourselves now and find out later.

Don’t Be A Test Subject!

How can I protect myself from Electromagnetic Radiation?

There are a huge amount of ways you can reduce your exposure to electromagnetic radiation. The easiest ways are described below:

  • Hold your phone away from your head and use the speaker phone option whilst making calls.
  • Do not use Bluetooth headsets with your phone in your pocket. This increases the amount of radiation focused on your groin area.
  • Keep your phone in a jacket pocket away from your groin and do not hold your phone between your legs when driving etc.
  • Work with your laptop or tablet on a table or desk and keep it away from your body, particularly the groin area.
  • Try to avoid using your phone when it has low signal as this means the phone has to use a stronger form of electromagnetic radiation.

These are all fantastic way to minimalise your exposure to electromagnetic radiation, but they do rely on you breaking the habits of a lifetime.

At Wireless Armour we also find it hard to change lifelong habits and inconvenience ourselves by keeping our phone in a bag away from our groin, there is a reason everyone keeps it in their trouser pocket!

This is why we developed RadiaTex®. It blocks at least 99.9% of the harmful radiation and makes protection as easy as getting dressed. No more changing habits to reduce your groins exposure. We are also developing further products to help protect the rest of your body.

How do I wash it?

RadiaTex is very high tech kit so please wash gently.
No bleaching, tumbling, ironing or dry cleaning.

A normal wash and hang drying works perfectly!

Where can I find the Size Guide?

You can find our Size Guide in our footer menu or just click here

If you would like any more information or think that there should be other FAQs then please email us at

  • Quality matters for Wireless Armour

    A lot of anti-Electromagnetic radiation clothing loses its shielding ability after a few washes. This was not something we wanted at Wireless Armour. We are champions of quality and wanted RadiaTex® to last for as long as we could make it.

  • EM radiation kills 25% of Sperm after 4 hours!

    A study conducted in Argentina has shown that only 4 hours of exposure to a laptop with WiFi on kills 25% of the sperm in the sample. This is a 25% reduction after only 4 hours of exposure. We are unknowingly exposing ourselves to nearly 24 hour coverage with our range of electronic devices. This is a […]