Boxer Briefs 360 – Black


These are for men who like longer body fitting underwear. They are snug yet comfortable ensuring you always feel secure. They are perfect for wearing under loose fitting jeans or work trousers.

Our 360 range is made entirely from our unique independently tested fabric RadiaTex®.

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  • Quality matters for Wireless Armour

    A lot of anti-Electromagnetic radiation clothing loses its shielding ability after a few washes. This was not something we wanted at Wireless Armour. We are champions of quality and wanted RadiaTex® to last for as long as we could make it.

  • EM radiation kills 25% of Sperm after 4 hours!

    A study conducted in Argentina has shown that only 4 hours of exposure to a laptop with WiFi on kills 25% of the sperm in the sample. This is a 25% reduction after only 4 hours of exposure. We are unknowingly exposing ourselves to nearly 24 hour coverage with our range of electronic devices. This is a […]