• Quality matters for Wireless Armour

    A lot of anti-Electromagnetic radiation clothing loses its shielding ability after a few washes. This was not something we wanted at Wireless Armour. We are champions of quality and wanted RadiaTex® to last for as long as we could make it.

  • How effective is Wireless Armour’s Underwear?

    We get this question a lot and so we thought the best way to answer this is to get our founder, Joseph Perkins, to run through some demonstrations on video* to show off the shielding capabilities of our fabric, RadiaTex®. So sit back and enjoy this award winning video.** Don’t forget that afterwards you can help share […]

  • EM radiation kills 25% of Sperm after 4 hours!

    A study conducted in Argentina has shown that only 4 hours of exposure to a laptop with WiFi on kills 25% of the sperm in the sample. This is a 25% reduction after only 4 hours of exposure. We are unknowingly exposing ourselves to nearly 24 hour coverage with our range of electronic devices. This is a […]